Chinnery      Pedigree    for Donald Chinnery

A condensed pedigree for an overview of the Chinnery Tree

Donald Chinnery (b. 21 Mar 1929)
  • Alfred Donald Chinnery (4 Apr 1905-8 Jan 1973)
  • +Alice Rose Fitch (b. 27 Oct 1904 - d. 7 Sep 1993)
    • Albert Henry Chinnery (b. 27 Jan 1872, *2 -  d. 16 Dec 1951. *2)
    • +Margaret Thompson
      (b. 10 Sep 1875, Chicago Cook Co, IL - d. 4 Oct 1965*)
      • Eli Chinnery (9 Jun 1833,  *1 -  d. 7 Oct 1914, *2 )
      • +Mary Ann(e) G. Eplet t (31 Jan 1838, St. James, Devonshire - d. 22 Oct 1904, *2)
        • James A. Chinnery(b.Mar 1806, Suffolk Co-England- d. 25 Mar 1883, *2)
        • +Lucy Lambert (b. 1806,  *3  -  d. 15 Feb 1880, *2)
          • James Chinnery(?)

    *1:  Otley, Suffolk County, England
    *2:  Amber Twp, mason County, Michigan
    *3:  Grundisburgh, Suffolk County, England

James A. Chinnery      
     b. Mar 1806 -  Suffolk County England
     d. 25 Mar 1883 - Note *1
     m. 1826  Grundisburgh Parish, Suffolk County, England
      +  Lucy Lambert
         b. 1806 - Suffolk County, England
         d. 15 Feb 1880 - *2

    Children of James and Lucy

What happened to the Chinnery daughters?  
Chinnery daughters.

    *1:  Otley, Suffolk County, England
    *2:   Amber Twp, mason County, Michigan

Eli Chinnery
     b.  9 Jun 1933, Otley Parish, Suffolk County, England
     d.  7 Oct 1914, Amber Twp, Mason County, Michigan
     m.  abt 1852 in Canada
     +   Mary Ann Epplet
         b. 31 Jan 1838, Great Torrington, Devonshire, England
         d. 22 Oct 1904, Note *2

     Children of Eli and Mary Ann

    *1:  Otley, Suffolk County, England
    *2:   Amber Twp, mason County, Michigan

Albert Henry Chinnery
     b.  27 Jan 1872, Amber twp, Mason County, Michigan
     d.  16 dec 1951, *2
     m.  14 Feb 1895, Amber Twp, Mason County, Michigan
     + Margaret Thompson
       b.  10 Sep 1875, Chicago IL
       d.  4 Oct 1965, Amber Twp.

     Children of Albert and Margaret

    *1:  Otley, Suffolk County, England
    *2:  Amber Twp, mason County, Michigan
    *3:  Ludington, Mason County, Michigan

Alfred Donald Chinnery
     b. 4 Apr 1905, *2
     d. 8 Jan 1973, *3
     m. 14 June 1928, Ludington, Michigan
     +  Alice Rose Fitch
         b. 27 Oct 1904, Riverton Twp, Mason Co., MI
         d.  7 Sep 1993, *3

    Children of Alfred and Alice

    *1:  Otley, Suffolk County, England
    *2:  Amber Twp, mason County, Michigan
    *3:  Ludington, Mason County, Michigan
    *4:  Augusta Georgia


Eliza Chinnery
        +  James Wickett
            b. 1825 Davidstow, Cornwall, England
If you desire further details of this marriage we have started to record on a page dedicated to Wickett. Click on Wickett in the left hand index.

    Children of James Wickett and Eliza - see Wickett for details

Emma Chinnery
        +  James Ellis
            b. 1825 Norfold, Norfolk, England

    Children of James Ellis and Emma - see Ellis for details

Lucy Chinnery
        +  John watson
            b. ca 1822, England

    Children of John Watson and Lucy - see Watson for details

Maria[h] Chinnery
        +  Henry Wickett
            b. 1832 Cornwall, England

    Children of Henry Wickett and Maria[h] - see Wickett for details
If you desire further details of this marriage we have started to record on a page dedicated to Wickett. Click on Wickett in the left hand index.

John Anthony Chinnery
       b. 1845 - Canada, West
       d.  abt 1883/4 in NE
       m.  4 Jan 1868  (see note *4)
        +  Sarah J. Flora
            b. 1852 Bourbon, Marshall Co, IN

    Children of John Anthony and Sarah

    *1:  Otley, Suffolk County, England
    *2:  Amber Twp, mason County, Michigan
    *3:  Ludington, Mason County, Michigan

   *4: The 2nd recorded marriage in Mason County Michigan

The Chinnery Daughters

Eli Chinnery great-grandfather of your editor had four sisters, Eliza, Emma, Lucy Maria, Maria.   As a teen-ager talking with my grandfather , Albert Chinnery, grandfather gave me the names and birhdates of his father Eli and his uncles H.Keebles., Anthony, Alfred and Issac. I was not aware from these discussions that there were four sisters. Births of the first four girls were recorded in the Otley Baptist Church Parish Register of Otley, Suffolk Co., England to James and Lucy Chinnery (Chenery, Chinery) as follows: Eliza Chinnery- bd 15 May 1827; Emma Chenery - bd 24 May 1829; Lucy Chinnery- bd 6 Nov 1831; Maria Chinery- bd 3 Jun 1836. Subsequently e found a fifth girl also named Maria Variations in surnames occurred quite often in old records. It is interesting to note that the first three births were recorded by the same man. Eli being the fourth child was recorded by same man that recorded the fourth girl, Maria. Here again he had different surname spellings. (1)

At this juncture one would wondered whether the researcher had the correct James and Lucy Chinnery family. Never previously having any information about the four girls one would begin to think we erred in tracing the family and that we had the wrong one. Further research and location of the Census record for 1841 in the Otley Parish located James Chinnery (Chenery) wherein the family was listed as follows -

James, Lucy, Eliza, Emma, Lucy, Eli, Maria and Henry. Their ages were all listed and the clincher being the age of Henry given as 7 months. The English Census of 1841 was taken in June 1841. Subtracting 7 months from the census date gives November of the previous year and this co-incides with the known birthdate of Henry. The age for Maria was 3 years. We missed the obvious fact that 3 years didnot agree with birthdate of first Maria born in 1836 thus we concluded (October 2007) that there had to be a second Mariah and the first ha dprobably died before birth (22 Dec 1837) of Maria #2, who later married Henry Wickett.

A James and Lucy Chinnery having two sons in the birth order of Eli and Henry would be rare indeed thus we conclude that we have the correct family with four previously unknown daughters. (2)

So what happen to the girls?  The approximate date of emigration from England was after the 1841 Census and prior to birth of son Anthony who was born in 1845 in Canada. Daughter Eliza may have been old enough for marriage and stayed behind. Emma and Lucy would be teenagers , too young to stay behind by themselves. The youngest daughter Maria was 3 in 1841. We have no record of deaths of any of the daughters, except we know taht the first Maria died before 1837 but no details. . Did they stay behind with a grandparent?  Did they arrive in Canada and subsequently marry?  Though Maria would have only been 14 at the time of the 1860 census in Van Buren County, she was not listed with the family in this census. (3)

(1) - Otley Baptist Church Parish register. Salt Lake City film #825408. Various pages. Photocopy available.
(2) - English Census of 1841, Otley Parish Suffolk Co.. June 1841
(3) - Federal Population Census 1860 for Van Buren County Michigan. #159 Chesterfield Twp. P.O. Decatur MI 28th Aug 1860.

News Flash - We have found 3 out of four of the girls.  See The Four Drive, No. 30 issued July 1, 2003  [Volumne VII, No. 1] or contact editor/web master.
Watch for future updates to this page.

Now we Know of Three of the Daughters

We now know of the marriages for Eliza, Lucy, and Maria Chinnery.   The oldest
Eliza married James Wickett on September 14, 1846 in the Victoria District of Ontario (now Hastings County).  James and eliza are known to have had 7 children and remained in Hastings County throughout their lifetime.  They were prominant citizens of the community and adctive church members.   Lucy married John Davidson Watson on January  4, 1849 in Victoria District.  Per the 1851 Ontario Census they are known to have had two children.   Maria married Henry Wicket in Victoria District.  We know of seven children all being born in Michigan.  Census records located them in Van Buren County of Michigan.  Van Buren County being the County that James Chinnery first settled in Michigan before moving onto Mason County.  At this writing we do not know whether they remained in Van Buren County or eventually moved on to Mason County with others of the family.  

So Where did Emma Go?

Recent research (May 2005 )  of land transfers found 5 siblings with surname of Ellis, signing for the settlement of their grandfather's estate. This document indicated they were grandchildren of James Chinnery.  Since these grandchildren were previously unknown we wondered if they were the children of Emma Chinnery.
Marriage of Emma Chinnery
Concluding that Emma's married name was Ellis, we now started our search for confirmation of her marriage and the full name of her spouse. We used the search engine of the LDS to search for entries in Canada. We could only enter the last name of a possible husband. And since previous searches for Emma Chinnery had been fruitless we saw no need to search for Emma Chinnery. But rather we only entered her first name. We immediately obtained a hit and only one. The marriage of James Ellis and Emma Chimney. The marriage occurred in Victoria District of Ontario .24 Dec 1849. Since this fit previously known location for the family and time period we are safe in concluding that this is our Emma.  Further research along these threads found the family in 1860 Census of Van Buren County.  Would you believe listed on same page as her Father and other members of the family and her brother H.K. Chinnery in Decatur Township.  We were looking at her all the time but not knowing her married name the family of James Ellis hadn't meant anything.

Now we Know all  F O U R  of the Daughters immigrated to Canada in 1842 with all of the other members of the family.  Initial mystery solved, now we have some more threads to follow.  dgc

The August 2005 issue of The Four Drive (Vol VIII, No.2 (#33)covers in depth the research leading up to solving of this mystery.  You may down load a pdf file of this issue from this web site.
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