Favorite Cards Received

     Don became a Novice Amateur Radio operator in 1962.  In 1990 took his Extra Class examination and code at 20 wpm to upgrade and received WU9T.  This card is differant then most cards because it doesn't have a QTH (location) printed on it.  I used this card when we were traveling full time in our 34 ft Motorhome.  Using an Icom 735 with a Butternut Vertical antenna mounted such that we could raise and lower within a minute or so.  Lots of friends along the way. Both on the air and eyeball QSOs.   We issued several DONOMAD awards for working our station in 20 or more states/provinces.
Over the years Don has had several calls.  We show here QSL cards depicting the various call signs he has had since first becoming licensed in 1962

I was first licensed as WN8CYQ - Novice Call 1962, then in 1963 I received WA8CYQ.

"WB0FTX" - North Dakota 1971-1973
"WB0FTX" - Received in 1971 when we moved to Dickinson, North Dakota

In 1973 we moved to Waupaca, Wisconsin and with the address change to 9 land we received WB9ONA

While traveling fulltime in our RV I upgraded to Advance class and had call KE9XL for a couple of months before upgrading to Extra and WU9T

XE2WB9ONA was my call sign for Mexican license received in 1989. In previous years Mexcican authorities would issue regular 2x3 calls, but were rapidly using them up, so they inaugurated the practice of using the appropiate prefix and appending the applicants call sign as suffix. Note there was NO "/" as is the practice when operating under reciprocity rules. Such fun to be "DX"

NB0AR is my club call sign for Spindrift HF Mobile Club, of which I am trustee. I use club on Century Club Nets to help oithers obtain contacts for their awards
Recent QSOs
W1N Special Event Station -12th Anniversary Memorial Commemoration 9/11
September 11, 2001 - September 11, 2013
I was given the opportunityto bring this Special Event Station on the air during our fall 2013 RV Trip. We were able to issue 100 QSL cards. We had two styles available.

N0T Special Event Station -13th Anniversary Memorial Commemoration 9/11
September 11, 2001 - September 11, 2014
QSL cards. We had three styles available.

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